Tavor is the biggest town in the area and, as it calls itself, the last civilised town before the Eastern Desert.

It is surrounded by farmland, a thing made possible by the Elementarists, and there is a big market every two weeks, but travellers and adventurers sell and buy things all the time. Tavor serves as a stepping stone for caravans in all directions.

The town is governed by a council. The members are mostly merchants, craftsmen and farmers, with some exceptions (like the oldest Elementarist). The laws of the town are uncommonly tolerant towards all races and believes for the simply reason that conflict and intolerance are bad for business. A town guard is responsible for enforcing those laws.

Tavor is located next to a dry river bed. Old texts speak of a time when the river was still flowing, but that is long past. There’s a sheer drop-off just outside the city walls down into the river bed, on the other side the ground is plain and can easily be travelled by riding animal or motorised vehicle of choice. A well-maintained road leads away from the town to the East and after a couple of hours on foot reaches a crossroad. From there, the traveller can go further east towards the desert or south, to the next town, and north, to the mountains. The river bed can be crossed westwards at Tavor and this is the only bridge for many miles. Inhabitants of Tavor cross free, all others pay unless they can fly.

Slowly, Tavor is becoming too big for its walls. There’s a slum area outside the northern wall. Originally, only the tanners lived there, but these days, it’s filled with adventurers down on their luck, people who couldn’t make a living off the land and people hoping to find a living in town. Some of them work at the town dump across the river, some try to find work at the surrounding farms and some hope for the adventure that will bring them riches and fame.

Due to the many adventurers, technology is fairly widespread in Tavor, but at first glace it looks a lot like a medieval town, albeit one built in adobe bricks. Wood is at a premium, as is stone, but plenty of loam can be found in the river bed. Digging for it and making bricks is one of the jobs people from the slums can get without problems, but it’s hard work and not without danger. There are rumours of dangerous beasts who make their home in the canyon.

People you will find in Tavor:

Artefact Dealers
Hospitality and Services
Merchants and Artisans
Town Council
Town Guard
Street Kids

Locations in Tavor:


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