Taliss is a small town about seven day’s journeys west of Tavor. The people there make a meagre living with farming, they keep goats and some of its inhabitants hunt for the gophers that are abundant in the area. The gophers, called red rats, have tasty meat and a red fur that can fetch a high price in the cities around the Monoliths.

The town is surrounded by a pallisade and great clumps of a bush with particularly nasty thorns. Interwoven branches from that bush have been places on top of the pallisade to make it harder to climb. The houses are mainly built from stone, wood or clay are not easily found here. Taliss gets its water from a public well and the farms have sunk wells of their own. There is just enough rain to support the fields without irrigation, but a dry summer can be a catastrophe.

Recently, an old mine has been re-opened by a group of Mada and copper has been found. That promises a new wealth for Taliss, copper is in great demand, particularly in the East. So far Taliss has not seen many travellers and never had much to do with the artefact trade, but that may well change now.

Inhabitants of Taliss:



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