Elementarists can manipulate the elements fire, water, air and earth. They are bound to one or more of the elements, usually according to their race. This talent is fairly common in Endland, although Elementarists with more than one element are rare enough to make them both feared and valued.

An Elementarist can do such things as create rain or fire, make the earth shake or call up a storm. The effects can be quite spectacular. But there is a price to be paid, the elements don’t react too kindly to being manipulated. Small changes usually go unnoticed, but when creating a firestorm or calling down torrential rain over a town, the Elementarist will have to deal with the backlash. In most cases, the reaction will oppose the effect and will be similar in size. A highly skilled Elementarist can deal with this and prevent the reaction, but even they can have a bad day and then things get unpleasant.

Elementarists can create an object that contains a certain effect, for example a pot that will heat itself. To create an object, the Elementarist needs to do a successful manipulation, but using the object is then like using a machine and requires no Elementarism. To activate the object, a certain effect is needed: a touch in a certain place, a spoken incantation, a drop of water.

If other persons apart from the Elementarist know what to do, they can use the object as well. Elementarists can earn money by creating such objects for others, but they rarely do and then only low-powered objects. Non-Elementarists can do nothing to prevent the reaction generated by the use of the object, so it’s not exactly feasible to have an Elementarist create for example a staff that will call down a rain of fire on your enemies. The following flood would kill you as well.

In Tavor, a group of three Elementarists make sure the water is clean and the soil is fertile. They are paid handsomely for their services and the community takes care of their needs. However, they live outside the town because no-one likes a neighbour who can burn down your house or let it rain over you for days.

Tavor’s Elementarists are Vitur Vatn Jardgur and his two apprentices Idinna Vatn Jardgur and Eldur Vatn Jardgur.


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