The Cerbora look fairly human at first glace, but they are heavily mutated and scarred, almost as if a cancer was constantly growing within them. They live in the East and have a liking for fire and for technology. Of all the races, Cerbora use artefacts the most and many have in-depth knowledge of human technology, as much as anyone can get from trial and error.

Aquides and Cerbora hate each other, although many may never meet a member of the other race. Since just about any Aquides can overpower a Cerbora with one hand on a bad day, Cerbora are not al that keen to let the hatred escalate. But they will take a chance to play a trick on an Aquides or may even attack or kill one of they see the chance to do so without risking an open fight.

Cerbora in Tarvo:

Cerbora elsewhere:

Known Tribes:


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