Barter and Money

Much of Endlands commerce is barter trade. I give you two sheep for a cord of wood. Prices vary between the different regions of Endland and are of course influenced by the seasons, the demand for any given iten and by the ability of a person to haggle.

Some cities, especially those around the Monoliths, have introduced their own currency, but it’s usually not worth anything much when you travel more than two days or so from that city. So most communities don’t bother.

In Tavor, ammunition has become a substitute for money. Adventurers are always willing to be payed in ammo for their weapons, plus it’s easy to carry a handful of, say, 9mm cartridges around in your pocket. .45 cartridges are the basis of this currency and five of those will buy you dinner at an inn. Rifle cartridges are worth more and can be used, depending on their type, for expensive purchases like a horse or a gun. Since people have figured out how to make shotgun shells, those are not worth all that much.

If your reputation is good enough, you may be able to use IOUs or simply barter work for goods. It’s all a matter of negotation.

Gold and silver are not worth all that much in Endland. Other things have taken up that position. Among the most priced items are:

CDs and DVDs – they are the next best thing to mirrors and are used in jewellery and decoration. Not that many are left that are still undamaged and those fetch an extremely high price. Very few people have the technology to actually access the data stored on those devices and they pay an even higher price. The Citadel is occassionally interested, but they are choosy and won’t pay that kind of money for just any CD an adventurer found. It makes you wonder if they know something.

energy drinks – those have an almost mythical status among adventurers and are treated like potions. Many experienced adventurers will have a story to tell about how the boost from an energy drink saved their life in a fight. Undamaged cans of for example Red Bull are much sought after and will fetch high prices.

Barter and Money

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