Endland takes place one hundred years after the apocalypse or Nadir as it is called.

It is unknown what destroyed the world, but it was a catastrophic event that changed the face of the earth, leaving only a single continent. The humans fought among themselves and disease and madness reigned for a short time until there was almost no-one left to kill.

Out of these few survivors, five other races developed and they have inherited the world – what’s left of it, anyway. Those children of humanity are:

Life is hard. Most of the single continent of Endland is a desolate wasteland and radiation will sooner or later either kill you outright or cause … interesting effects. Across the centre of the continent, people have settled in the shadow of the Monoliths. These enormous stone pillars appeared during Nadir and for some reason, they create a radation-free zone.

Ruins of human cities and settlements can be found everywhere and adventurers are drawn to them because it’s still possible to find many useful things there. A successful expedition to a ruined city can make you rich. It can also make you dead because here the radiation is even higher than normal.

In the West, there’s snow and ice and cold, with a wild ocean. This is where the Aquides live. In the East is a desert and it’s here where most of the ruins are located. The Cerbores have made their home there. If you go east far enough, you will reach the eternal fire that burns there. In the South and North, the ocean and the fire meet. Nothing lives here.

The further east you come, the more technology you will find as a rule. There is magic in Endland, it’s called Elementarism. An Elementarist is able to influence the elements he is bound to: fire, earth, air or water. Some Elementarists are bound to two or even more elements and the balance grows increasingly unstable the more elements are combined. Elementarism cannot be learned, it’s an inherent ability.


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