Vitur Vatn Jardgur



Vitur is a Humanes, about 40 years old. He has been living in Tavor for a long time now. The prosperity of the town is in large parts owed to him and his group of Elementarists and the town knows it. Vitur has a seat on the council and although he doesn’t have a vote, his opinion carries a lot of weight.

His hands are crippled and scarred. There are rumours about a duel with a fire Elementarists, but Vitur doesn’t really talk about it. And if he doesn’t want to talk about something, it stays not talked about.

Vitur lives a short way outside the town in a fairly large house the farmers have built and paid for. He shares the house with his two apprentices, Idianna Vatn Jardgur and Eldur Vatn Jardgur.

He keeps a bad-tempered mule and two equally bad-tempered goats who have something of a feud on with Idianna and Eldur whose job it is to milk them.

Vitur Vatn Jardgur

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