New Girl in Town

This optimistic young Cerbora has arrived in town a few days ago. Arriving from the East she raised some eyebrows with her very unique ride, a lightly built and juryrigged mix of a sand buggy and a weird sailboat with blue sort of sails.

Most of her first days in town she spent bartering with buyers, where she offered weird stuff she must have found in the wastelands. After moneymaking,she started to enjoy life and spent some of her riches in the amusement establishments available.

She’s hot like plutonium

Nvidia is a slender young female with a muscular body, claiming to come from the infamous G-Force tribe, the typical hard boiled type who manages to survive in the inhospitable depths of the wastelands, but if you suspect she’s the lone wolf type you haven’t seen her having fun. Talkative, bartering, charming, she learned that you don’t make it on your own out there, at least it’s boring to scam yourself and no profits from that. Someone accustomed to the scarred skin of Cerbora would estimate her age in the beginning of her twenties, others might find her slender, almost fragile body as a hint to her late teens.

Besides that she makes it clear that you better not mess around with her, she’s always good for a joke if it’s not at her expense. It would be better not to find yourself on the ugly side of her cheerful temperament. She has a mean gun and looks like someone who knows how to use it.

Her sexy living cancer marks, that she pierced for fashion effect, you’d guess her age in the mid twenties, she wears a proud red Mohawk and a collar of found stuff and body parts of animals (I hope it’s from animals) around her neck for trinkets, a loincloth, boots and a ragged jacket as clothing. All in the fashionable colour of the year: yellow-grey-brown-ish. Well, did I mention the Mohawk?

Love and Lead die

She’s not heavily armed like the typical sharpshooter or renegade, but that nasty sawn-off shotgun makes it clear you don’t mess around with this girl without losing your head (figuratively spoken). While she is civil in the city it’s known she was heavily armed when she came in a few days ago, she has at least two other guns. It’s like with boyfriends. You better have some replacements if one breaks down or is not in the mood.


“Damn you brat! No thats nothing to play with! Thats a holy rubbique, people use it for fortune-telling, see? It’s a magic cube, that changes colors if you turn it. Gimme that thing back, that’s for experts, it’s amplifying the futures. Here, kid. A metal song-disc you throw it and it makes whistling sounds. It’s an original VW, ya see?”

“Sorry man, it wasn’t broken when you bought it. I don’t take that back.”

“It’s electic, you savage. E-L-E-C-T-I-C. Ya, I won’t touch those copper wires if I were you. Seriously. Big blue magic anti-theft.”

“No sorry knob, got nothing in your size. Hm, what about this? Hiheels I call them. Makes you bigger, man.”

Nvidia was holding the meat up into the air and stabbed a wooden stick through it. “Cooking is the work of women in my tribe. I’m good at it.” She pushed the meat through the flames into the heart of the fire, it was hissing unwillingly in return. “Tell me when it’s black on the outside. Then it’s perfect.” Her companion watched her closely. “You had problems to find a man who was looking forward to be cooked for by you all life long, I guess. Is that why you were sent out?” She scratched her nose for a moment. “Nooo. I was the best candidate for it. They told me.” But it did not sound very convincing. Quickly she changed the topic: “It’s best if you put it into this powder here. It’s a special spice mix. Very hot.” She opened a can with blood red powder in it, that bit her companion in the eyes when the wind blew over it and in his direction. “I don’t know what you mean – what’s wrong with my cooking? Isn’t it hot enough for you?”


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