Eldur Vatn Jardgur



General Information

Eldur is a Mada and an apprentice of Elementarism and lives outside Tavor together with his Master Vitur Vatn Jardgur and his fellow apprentice Idinna Vatn Jardgur. Together they take care of the fertility of fields around the city, and look after the well lest the water gets spoiled. Eldur himself is mostly assigned to field duty.

His Style

He generally dresses in brown and ochre outfits with blue, yellow, and red hems and embroideries. His hair is dark brown, at shoulder-length, and normally braided. His clothing is always flawless.

His Demeanour

Most of the inhabitants of Tavor would describe him as a likeable person. He is seldom in a bad mood and takes a vivid interest in the daily affairs of the citizens. This and his comparably fancy appearance leads to some success with the young women of the town. He is not a womaniser but gets his fair share of action.

As good-natured as he is, but if someone double-crosses him he can be quite unforgiving. Requests for assistance of such individuals are often postponed for a while without actually hurting them. In rare cases he actively made the life of the offender a bit harder until receiving a proper apology.

His Condo

He lives in an underground space which he had created with his Elementarism. Being a Mada, this is far more comfortable for him than to live in the house together with his master. It has a separate entrance as well as a connection to the cellar of the house.


Before It All Really Started

Eldur is 21 years old and has been living in Tavor for the last five years. He was sent there by his parents because he showed sings of uncontrolled Elementarism. He had since then lived with Vitur Vatn Jardgur who taught him how to control and use his gift.

Recent Events

Since two weeks he has a significant other: Yeesha. On the morning of the Spring Market they got into a bit of a quarrel. The whole story how the got together and how he resolved their first little problem is written here.

The Town Council has sent Eldur on a mission to check on the Radio Tower that has been out of contact for the last couple of days.

Eldur Vatn Jardgur

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