There is a difference between Repair Man and Reaper Man


Product Specification

Diesel just arrived in Town having travelled some distance. He is rather tall for a humanes and of a slender, wiry build. As a mechanic, he has advertised his services in Tavor with a shallow response so far. He wears a stained grey overall with lots of pockets most of the time but has been seen in more sociable clothing as well.

Handling Instructions

His wry and sarcastic demeanor has not made friends in many places. He has learned the hard way that some people take everything at face value and have no understanding of sarcasm and irony, but he cannot stop trying. He is also driven by a dangerous amount of cusriosity (which we all know, killed the cat) and it seems a wonder, he has survived to the day. But, provided you have something interesting to inspect/dismantle/blow up/rearrange, you will have his undivided attention.


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