Endland - Your Day Will Come

Stony Waters

Nvidias Lament

“Oh my babies, you just keep on looking good, will you?”

She lifted the chin of that little redhead and smiled. “But of course we will have to work on your name. This is no name for the showbiz, eh? It smells of street and dirt, but you need to… I will find you a better one.” She nodded self-assuringly.

“This idiotic mine was exactly the kind of scam I suspected. When we turned our backs the Mada hit the road after having scammed half the village for shares for the mine. I don’t say: ‘Told you that.’ You already know.” She nodded. “And people hate smartasses. So I better don’t tell.”

We offered to go after them, my dustyacht can catch those slow Mada in their mining-vessels, even in this damn cold and hilly lands. Full of green grass and water everywhere. What’s so good about water anyway? Has it done something for you at any time but making itself rare and costing money to buy? Ha!"

She was brushing her guest to make it look sweet. “After three days we got them. Eldur, two guys from the ”/campaign/endland/wikis/taliss" class=“wiki-page-link”> village and me. We did know we were on the right trail, because we found a broken down dustbike aside the road. It was a slow jeep and Eldur had some trick at hand of creating a ramp into the road, so it went downwards and crashed into the wall of dirt on the bottom. We stopped, jumped off and I ran to the head of the car, ducking deep into cover because… yeah, don’t tell anyone, because everybody suspects Cerbora to be hard-ass, but I’m more a kind of trader and adventurer, ya know? So I’m not exactly a warrior."

She took a sip from a mug of ale. “Yelled to give up and surrender, while the rest of the party were coming from the back. I was peeking over the edge when a shotgun was fired just above my head. Hardly escaped a hit. Then Eldur did something very nasty, I have never seen anything like it! He made the cockpit full of stony cold water! Can you dig that? There is only one thing you can do to worsen water: make it cold! It was getting hard as rock and I took the element of surprise and shot the bastard. Guess I hit him, but I didn’t stand up to see. After no-one shot back, I jumped one the hood, ‘keep your head down! Don’t move, asshole!‘, but there was just this cold stony water inside, pieces of red stuff everywhere, I grabbed his shotgun, rolled out of the pit over the cockpit and barfed a bit. Because, you know… I’m pregnant.”

She paused for a moment to see if her listeners would buy it. “We stripped away everything from the vehicle that was of some value, closed the hole in the road and then we hit it. It was not bad, you know… two baskets of this red stones, a few tools, this lamps that make you not explode if you are below the earth, ten by ten by ten shots, some boomsticks, a bit to eat. Not so bad. On the way back we grabbed the bike, too. Twelve days it lasted.”

She watched her audience with a kind eye, “and then I hit you. You five will make me a perfect deal, you know? After giving most of the stuff but the lamps, the boomstick and the bike to the local folks, Eldur stayed a few days to piss on their land, which is what makes crop grow, I heard, but I’m no farmer. But I say that’s not a job for someone like him.” She was shaking her head. “No! Okay it was far out how he splashed this poor bastard and I hope I never get on his wrong side after I have seen that. But I used the time to learn to hunt. But folks”, and she was deliberately shaking her head to the five, "you can’t keep your names. ‘ Redrats’?! Who would wear rat fur? I will call you", and she was rubbing her ear, “yeah. I will call you Firesea-cats. That’s a name that sells. But if I sell you for a good price there will be enough money to find my lost city. Eldur will join. He said for four of ten parts he will take part. I can really use a fighter-wiseman-magicman like him. That’s great. Now look good for me, will you? You are no Mada, are you? You won’t turn everything to stone – even fucking water, no?”



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