Endland - Your Day Will Come

Glowing Lights

After they decide against going for a swim in the basin, Nvidia and Eldur explore the next room. It’s almost empty, safe for a strange yellow vehicle. There’s some kind of strange tiles on the floor, but every attempt to move one fails. They can do their exploring in the soft light of many bright globes under the ceiling, but unfortunately they can’t reach any of the globes because they are too high up.


After a while, they notice that the globes have started to move and are now much further down. It doesn’t take long for the globes to come within reach. They are still connected to the ceiling with a cord and keep on glowing. Nvidia decides to touch one of them and her hand gets stuck. She tries to cut through the cord – now her knife is stuck to the cord. She struggles, but whatever the globe is made of, it has her trapped. And now she gets lifted off her feet.

Eldur had taken cover next to the yellow vehicle when the globes came down and now he can’t get to her without getting entangled in the globes between them. So he works some Elementarism: Nvidia is suddenly five times as heavy. Unfortunately, so is the owner of the globe – a fat grub that loses its hold on the ceiling and comes crashing down. Nvidia can roll away just in time, but she’s covered in grub entrails and the sticky coils of cord that fell on her. Getting up is not an option and neither is walking or even lifintg a hand. Eldur drags her out of the room, finds some sort of cr creeper and pushes her out into the open. An hour of rolling in sand and scrubbing later Nvidia is free to move again.

They return to the ruin the next day and find something that seems to have been a kitchen, although there’s no oven. But they find cutlery and crockery and note that the people here had a thing for cats. They are on the mugs and pictures of them are hung on the wall, although when Eldur tries to take one of those pictures, it crumbles to dust.

They also find a huge box filled with brightly coloured packages. A bit of experimenting makes one of the packages fall from its shelve and they can reach it through a slot. ‘Twinkie’, Eldur reads on the package. It seems to be food and it looks edible, but they are not eager to try it. So they just pack up as many of the packages as they can get their hands on. They also strip as much copper as they can from the control room. The tunnel leading further into the mountain has collapsed, so they call it a day and decide to return to Tavor.

The Ikarim are mildly astonished to see them return not only alive but in perfect health. In a flash of inspiration, Nvidia offers their leader the Twinkie and says that it makes people live longer. They share the snack, but both Eldur and the Ikarim are less than fond of the taste. The Ikarim asks them to bring some more of that fudge if they ever happen to be in the area again and with that, Eldur and Nvidia are on their way, with enough loot in their bags to finance another expedition at the least.

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