Endland - Your Day Will Come

Digging for Stones

Nvidias Lament

Her listener, or better who she was talking at, had brown hair with brown eyes and his hair was falling like it never saw a comb from his neck. She put her hand on his head and ruffled it caressingly. “You see this wonderful sunset, do you? Of cause it’s not like those in the desert, where fire is burning all over the horizon as far as you can see.”

He put his head into her lap and looked at her, as he rolled on his back. “Well, ”/campaign/endland/wikis/taliss" class=“wiki-page-link”> Taliss is a nice village, where you live. It is. A bit weak on it’s defensive side as far as I know, but it has its virtues. Like the open-handedness of their folks. Which is worrying me most is not our visit to the hole in the earth, the Madas call a mine – I still don’t get what’s the whole mess about that dirthole. But they found some nice looking stones in there, which are not exactly behaving like stone should. This is what Eldur was thinking about it. Yeah, right, Mada and stones. There are jokes about that. For me those stones did absolutely everything a stone should. They were lying around or sticking in the walls of that mine. As stones should. But Eldur insisted, that they should be longer. Whatever, I think this is somewhat a mine that’s like a horse, you got from a used-horses dealer. And who promised you it’s a very young very good horse. And after a few kilometers that thing drops dead. And you’ll never find the dealer again.

So do better check the teeth. We checked that but… well. I have the impression that mine will drop dead before we get back to Tavor. But what does a Cerbora know about fucking stones? That’s the stuff Mada are made of. I have no idea why those stones are so important – see they are no artefacts, they just make you heavy, not stronger. But of cause copper is important for electic. That’s the only thing I understand. And that this Eldur is no business man."

She shrugged her shoulders and started to play with his ears. “Mines are a lousy place to stay, man. They are tight, they are wet, smell awful moldy and there’s no sun and open sky above you. And even the lamps have no real flames you use down there. Which reminds me, that I’ll go and buy one of those mining-lamps. The Mada told me you could suffocate in that hole and open flames could blow everything up. And even if I don’t think Mada are very useful in average, I respect their advice when it is about holes in the ground. They know what they are doing, that’s for sure.”

The sun slowly was setting low and from the back the darkness was creeping up the sky, while she watched the celestial fires. Her companion let go a little whine when she ruffled up his hair thoughtlessly and her hand went down his breast and on his belly.

“Another thing. I visited this herbal aunt, the local woman-doctor. She told me that I might be pregnant when I told her that my battle of blood is two weeks late. And she offered me herbals to get rid of it. But yeah, you know, you may call me stupid. But I told her I have to think about that. See, okay, I understand. How shall I go on working for a living with a baby to care for? The kind of work I do anyway? And I’m of no use for any other, as far as I know. I always was like this. I liked the sky and the freedom. And the far horizon, like sitting here in the evening and watching the sun go down. But isn’t it a bit selfish to kill an unborn child just because you don’t like the idea that you have to find a solution for that? I didn’t tell Eldur, but maybe he can help me? To be alone with that – that’s awfully hard. That’s for sure. But, yeah, you know… I don’t know. I didn’t plan for this. But now that it’s like that… maybe it’s all a false alert.”

She sighed and the fire was now coming from deep below the horizon like the earth itself was on fire just below the dusty line. “Yeah… Everything will burn anyway. Who am I to decide if my unborn might never see this? If it fails to live, that’s another thing, isn’t it? But to poison it, I really can’t, man…” She shook her head. “But I can’t do it alone. I have to find someone for this work to help me.”

The sunset was burning out while the first stars were coming out of the darkness behind her and slowly were covering the sky. “And this group of people, who are camping outside the village, I have to tell you. First I thought they were scavengers or worse they were raiders. But it’s an expedition of about twenty vehicles. All kind of people, looking for this lost human city. But they don’t know exactly where it is. They had this artefact with them, a thing that was throwing pictures on the wall. Pictures of this great city. Where burning flames were pushing up into the sky, a part that I liked very much. They were so high, they even would have licked the clouds above. And the cars were flying. The houses were incredible high, build like pyramids or towers. The skies were brown and dark but the light from below was lightening everything up like a sun buried below. Those people are searching for this. I was tempted to follow, but you know, I have my own city just a few days of travel with my dust-yacht out of Tavor. It is a forgotten human settlement and I guess it’s one of those buried cities. And we enter just from the tip of one of their highest buildings. And below are kilometers and kilometers of city. And of artefacts and treasure. And I’ll tell no-one and I can easily go there and live from that. And have my baby. There is a reason people don’t find them. They are buried below the sand. That’s my theory. You’ll enter from above and the entry is small and hidden. Treasures have to be hunted hard. They don’t fall into your lap easy. And for this world below – I surely will need a Mada. They know about digging. And I think I found the right one for that. Not very bright but he can read. And knows about stones and that.”

Now she was closing her eyes, because the darkness was almost complete. Her companion stood up and licked her face. “You know my secret now. But you are a good dog, you don’t tell anyone, don’t you?” The dog sat on his haunches and watched her with big eyes. “No you won’t, let’s go back. There’s much to do.” She stood up and went back. Carpe Noctem.



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