When it comes to sexuality, what’s normal and accepted in one community is frowned upon or even outlawed in another. The races and communities of Endland are not very different from their human ancestors in that respect.


There are bastards between the races and couples of two races living together, this is normal and nothing to talk about. Neither is homosexuality. The good people of Tavor are more interested in the content of your wallet than in what you do in bed.


Like sexuality, gender-based behaviour depends on the race and region a person lives in. But there are broad tendencies within the races.

  • Ikarim avoid the problem by having no gender at all.
  • Aquides mostly live in tribes ruled by the strongest male and their women favour (or are forced into) the traditional roles: caring for the children, keeping house.
  • Mada, Humanes and Cerbora don’t make much of a difference between male and female in many regions of Endland. They don’t bother with gender roles and no-one is surprised by a female adventurer or by men who chose to care for the children of the tribe.

There are exceptions, of course. There are Aquides matriarchs and tribes of Cerbora who don’t allow their women outside the tents. But as a rule of thumb, most women in Endland are given the same opportunities as men. Or take them for themselves.


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