Rumours spread like wildfire in Endland and people entertain themselves with a good story, whether it’s true or not. Here are some of the more common rumours, stereotypes and legends about races, locations, creatures ect. There may or may not be a grain of truth hidden in them.


  • Mada will turn to stone when they die
  • Cerbora travel to the edge of the desert and jump into the fire when they feel they are going to die
  • Aquides die when they are out of the water for too long
  • Ikarim steal children from other races and eat them. Or sell them. Whatever, don’t let your children play outside when Ikarim are around.
  • Humanes are trying to force out the other races…just look at how many children they all have!


  • there are enormous sand worms in the Eastern Desert
  • These ravens, man. I’m telling you – they were trying to kill me! And they were a shitload more intelligent than other birds. Yeah, go on, laugh. But all I’m saying is, I’m going to shoot any ravens I see from now on. They’re not getting me again.


  • There’s a Human city to be found in the Desert, in perfect condition, only waiting for us to take over
  • if you stray too far into the Human ruins, you will get a wasting sickness. Your hair, teeth and nails will fall out, you will lose weight until you look like a skeleton yet you cannot die. Even though you want nothing more, you cannot die! Watch out for those living skeletons, they have gone crazy with despair and pain and will kill you.
  • There’s this guy who told me about sandstorms that look small, but they will follow you, faster than any horse can run. And when they get you, your flesh will be torn from your bones.
  • There are still Humans left. They live in a city that never goes dark – you can see its glow on the horizon in some nights. And they play games and feast and are happy, not caring that their world is gone. They have a king, he’s called Elvis, and he sings for them every night to renew the spell that keeps the city alive.
  • They say that when you go west far enough, water falls out of the sky. But if you ask me, that’s ridiculous. How should it get up there?

Items and Persons

  • Humans used to have swords made out of light that cut through everything
  • You see this red bull on the can? That means it will make you stronger and faster if you drink it, but don’t waste it! Keep it for an emergency, when you really need it.
  • In nights like these, with a storm raging outside our tents, the Night Rider is on the prowl. He drives a black car with wheels of fire and it runs on the blood of the people foolish enough to be outside while he is around. If you do see him, don’t try to hide. Throw yourself down on your face and don’t look up, no matter what happens. Don’t try to sneak a look or you will be cursed, if he doesn’t just take you. The trunk of the car is filled with the souls of those he killed and sometimes they can be seen, streaming out behind the car.


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