Radio Tower

The Radio Tower is a tower about five days’ journey from Tavor to the south, on a hill overlooking both the road and the river bed. It’s the first outpost of Tavor and usually manned with three people from town who keep an eye on the road and report anything unusual back with the help of a generator-powered CB radio.

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Next to the tower is a well and on the other side an outhouse and a barn. Here travellers can stay for the night and the crew keeps a few goats there.

There are four floors, the ground flower hold the storage room and kitchen, the second floor the living quarters of the crew and the third floor the radio. The top floor is directly underneath the roof, it’s open to the outside and offers a good view of the surrounding land, from a height of a good fifteen metres. The walls of the tower are very thick, as are the floors, and the windows are fairly small. The tower can be turned into a fortress easily, the crew also have weapons to defend themselves

The last crew of the tower has been killed by a trapdoor spider, you can read about this here and here.

Radio Tower

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