Mutations are extremely common in Endland, not just congenital conditions, but also changes that occur during a person’s lifetime. In some cases, those changes are radical and can be disturbing even for a society so used to this. But mostly, it’s an accepted fact of life.

It’s well known that the more time a person spends in the wilderness and especially the Eastern Desert, the more risk of mutation there is. Only the Monoliths will give complete protection and that’s why the biggest cities of Endland have grown around them.

Some people say that all things human are dangerous and will cripple or kill you over time. That may be true, but it doesn’t stop many communities from extensively using human technology and artefacts. Other communities will have nothing to do with this and rely on their own work and more primitive technology to survive.

Not every mutation is a bad thing. It is possible that for example a person’s eyesight will get sharper or that they will grow stronger or faster. But it’s equally possible that they will have to deal with painful disfigurations, loss of strength or dexterity, mutations that turn them beastlike like fur or scales and many other unwanted things.


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