G-Force tribe

Tribe Name G-Force
Race Cebores clan
Size several groups of 20 to 30 adults
Tribal turf Nomadic in the Eastern Desert
Tribal rules Don’t show our women to outsiders.
Never stay in the same place long.
Use Human tech to make us stronger.
Don’t kill weaker tribes, but take what you want.
Listen to stories and search for the truth inside them.
Tribal virtues clever, honest, modest, enduring, cautious, tenacious, honourable, inquisitive, resourceful, outspoken
Tribal Roles Rebel, Motorcycle Warrior, Storyteller
Seekers and Traders are sent out alone
Known members Nvidia

The typical G-Force tribesman is capable of riding a vehicle and one of the rites of passage is to acquire a ride of his own. Many ride motorcycles, but there are vans, old buses or sand buggies among their rides as long as they are able to endure the stress and speed of the nomadic life and don’t slow the travel down too much. To be fast without producing too much dependency and costs is one of the highest virtues of a vehicle, so the people of G-Force are always searching for an alternative to the expensive gas driven human motors if they can and most are resourceful enough to manage that. “Keep yourself cool and run fast and energy efficient”, is one of their sayings.

The titles with the most prestige are either the Motorcycle Warrior or the wise Storyteller. But most are just Rebels that won’t accept anybody putting their rules and authority on them. They usually just accept their own. You become a Warrior by acquiring your own ride and by maintaining it. Before that you are just a Rebel member of the clan without a voice.

The tribe has very strict rules concerning what men and women are allowed to do. Women stay inside the tents of the tribe for much of their life once they are sixteen years old, which is considered a suitable age for marriage. They cook, look after the children, do small repairs and are expected to do as they are told. Marriage is arranged, often at an early age. Men are expected to take care of their family, to acquire knowledge and technology and to defend their tribe with their life.

The different groups belonging to the tribe meet at regular intervals at a place kept secret from all others. There, they trade artefacts, renew family bonds and friendships and marriages are held and arranged. People have the chance to join another group of the tribe. This is the only time the women are allowed to leave the tents whenever they wish. And outsider stumbling upon such a gathering will be killed, it’s a sacred ritual for the tribe.

G-Force tribe

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