bathhouse owner


Kiran owns a bathhouse near Tavor’s most exclusive district. Not in it, but near enough to benefit from the running water the houses there have thanks to an underground pump.

The facilities range from small tubs to baths where ten people at a time can comfortably fit and maybe even swim a few strokes. There’s also a small sauna and you can get a very decent massage. If you want more than that, Kiran will direct you with a smile to Kris’ brothel. He doesn’t care what people do in the privacy of the small baths, but the house itself offers just hygiene, thank you very much.

Kiran is about 30 years old and single. He grew up in Tavor and he takes care of his elderly parents.
He keeps a cat, Chetan, who actually likes to swim and you may find yourself with a feline companion in your bath.


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