Kenji is a Humanes in his mid-twenties and owns a grocer’s shop in Tavor. He sells all kinds of stuff, not just food, and can get his hands on almost anything, given time and money. He is a member of the council.

He’s scrawny, almost too much, at first glance you may think he’s terminally ill. He doesn’t speak much, but he listens.

He lives with a young man named Taavi whom he met when he travelled to another settlement, Oryss, a few years ago in search of a good supply of wool, on behalf of Tavor’s council. Kenji fell in love with him and when he asked Taavi to acompany him back to Tavor, he agreed. There was a scandal because Taavi was to enter a long arranged marriage and his family was not happy to lose the dowry his wife would have brought.

The whole thing made sure that the agreement with the shepherd of Oryss fell through. Luckily for Kenji, he was able to secure the services of a neighbouring village, Doander, whose inhabitants are not that friendly with the Oryssians anyway and who were only too glad to accept the deal.

There have been rumours that Taavi was just using Kenji, but for the last three years, they have lived together happily enough.


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