pub owner


Jurian owns a pub in Tavor, the King’s Head, just outside the merchant’s district. People come here for a drink, some gambling, some music and for all the newest rumours. Since Beringar is Jurian’s best friend, he always knows the latest things about newly arrived adventurers and interesting artifacts they brought with them. He used to be an adventurer himself, too.

Jurian is a Humanes and he’s built like a bull. His presence alone is enough to ensure that barfights are rare or are taken outside immediately. He has extraordinarily long arms, but people know better than to comment on that, at least to his face. Despite looking like a thug at first glance, Jurian dresses very well, spotless usually. He also has a fine singing voice and only newcomers to Tavor play cards with him.

He has a seat on the Town Council


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