Citadel emissary


Finara is a Cerbora. She’s wiry and strong and covered in scars, unusually many even for a Cerbora. She’s missing the ring- and middle finger from her right hand. Her hair is dark and straight, she wears it down to her waist, but most times its pulled back into a braid.

She’s the Citadel’s emissary in Tavor and is always willing to buy human artifacts or learn about interesting new discoveries. She can also be approached if someone is planning an expedition and is in need of money. Apart from Retro, she’s the best source of information about the Eastern Desert, but like him, she doesn’t give advice for free.

Finara owns a camel and rides very well. She has a weakness for figs, dried or fresh.

Arvo made her a good offer for a valuable artefact he was looking to sell and invited her out for dinner. She accepted both and they have spent an enjoyable evening that went not as far as Arvo would have liked and just as far as Finara had planned.


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