Mechanic and Tinkerer


Beringar is a Cerbora and for one of them, he’s heavily built. He always wears a leather jacket with more pockets than any sane person should need.

Beringar owns the biggest garage/workshop/smithy in Tavor and he’s an expert on human artifacts, weapons in particular, but also motors and electronics. He has been a member of many expeditions to the Eastern Desert, but has retired now. Why he chose to do that in Tavor instead of with his clan is his secret and he doesn’t talk about it.

Apart from the usual scars every Cerbora has, Beringar has skin that is covered in scales. He never raises his voice and sometimes it’s hard to understand him above the noise of his workshop. He doesn’t talk all that much unless it’s about human technology.

He’s the best friend of Jurian and he has a seat on the council. After work, he can usually be found at the King’s Head where he drinks some of Jurian’s beer and listens to whatever people talk about. Very occasionally he’s in the mood to talk about his adventuring days and then everyone who plans a trip to the Desert does well to listen.

Beringar volunteered Arvo for a mission to the Radio Tower and because he didn’t ask Arvo beforehand, that almost led to a serious quarrel between them. He apologised to Arvo and they at least remain on speaking terms.


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