Endland - Your Day Will Come

Eldur's Adventures: Yeesha

How It Began

Eldur met Yeesha a fortnight ago at the market where she was selling pumpkin pies and other meals from her booth to the hungry traders and buyers. Eldur talked to her out of his usual interest in the business of the citizens. But this time something went different.

They talked for quite a while and got into a vivid discussion about how best to season pumpkin pie. After half an hour of uninterrupted discussion, she dared him to try one of her favourite recipes and tell her it wasn’t good. He tried and had to acknowledge her superior skill in this matters. Yeesha was very pleased by this and invited him to dinner for the next evening.

During that dinner, they talked about their respective pasts and what they were expecting of the future. And without one of them noticing they talked until dawn. Since then they met every other day and became an item.

First Quarrel

On the morning of the Spring Market Eldur woke up after he had spent a joyful night with Yeesha. Before he was really awake, she had slapped him in the face. After he had recovered from this harsh wake-up-call he spotted the reason for her aggravation. He had been a bit too generous with the scented oils. Her fluffy red fur was still red, but far away from fluffy.

She refused to go outside and be seen in this state. So, Eldur had to think of something. Because she refused to let him try to fix this with Elementarism, he coverd her in the bedlinen and led her to the bathhouse. It was still early and there were not many people about.

This also meant the bathhouse wasn’t open yet. After rattling the door Kiran opened and looked not very happy about being forced to wake up that early. With a very generous offer for using one of his bathtubs (water not included) he agreed to make an exception and let them use one of the smaller rooms. Eldur produced the warm water and began to undo his mishap. In the end they spent far longer at the bathhouse as would have been necessary.

Afterwards they both set out to prepare for today’s work. Eldur had to prepare for the fertilisation ceremony and Yeesha had to set-up her booth for the market. But they didn’t split without arranging to meet at the dance that night.



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